Our Story

At the Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care, we believe in what we do. Fueled by a passion for compassion, we work hard to help Wyoming residents diagnosed with cancer.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors and the hearts of many Angel Cancer Care Program volunteers.


The Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care is dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer on Wyoming residents diagnosed with cancer by providing financial assistance and by providing free education and screening opportunities to residents not diagnosed with cancer.


To ease the burden of cancer for Wyoming residents.

Every Pin Represents a Community Where We've Helped a Cancer Patient

In Wyoming, we are proud to take care of our own. We believe in the spirit of the West and supporting those cancer patients in our community who are in need.

There are a number of ways you can support cancer patients with the WFCC - from monetary donations, to joining our fun run, to showing your support by volunteering at an event. Money raised here stays here! Regardless of how you contribute, your donations are put to good use, specifically for the benefit of cancer patients and their families in Wyoming.