Together We Can Accomplish Great Things

Together We Can Accomplish Great Things

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities in Casper, WY

Looking for a way to get involved? Partner with Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care so you can volunteer to help cancer patients in Casper, WY and across the state.

We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Participating in community events
  • Programming for college volunteer hours
  • Assisting with general office work

If you feel motivated to get involved with our mission, we have a role for you. Call 307-262-0749 to learn more about our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Our Angels provide support at every step of the treatment process

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be isolating and scary. That's why we're proud to offer the Angels Cancer Care Program. Our group of 30 Angels take patients under their wing and give support throughout the treatment process. They provide emotional support, financial assistance, transportation, meals and medication retrieval for over 100 cancer patients with direct needs. Through partnerships with Rocky Mountain Oncology Center and Masterson Place, they're able to reach over 500 more.

Learn more about this program or other ways to volunteer to help cancer patients when you reach out to us.