byRyea' O'Neill


We have exciting news to share with you! Recently, we held a T-shirt Design Competition. Our goal was to create a t-shirt design that would incorporate all that our Foundation represents and our heartfelt passion for helping cancer patients along their journey.

One day, just a regular day, during the competition, Robert Dunkle was transporting patients to Rocky Mountain Oncology from Douglas for treatment. Robert is a volunteer with Memorial Hospital of Converse County and transports patients to and from their appointments. He enjoys making new friends as their driver and knows the pain of losing a friend to cancer. Robert has volunteered in many capacities over the years, but says his heart is full when he thinks of all those special folks he has met with cancer in his latest volunteer position.

Robert, you see, is also an artist by trade. He constantly keeps his idle hands busy with doodles whenever he has a moment. That fate-filled day, Robert saw the T-shirt Design Competition form in Rocky Mountain Oncology’s waiting room. As he sat there, waiting for his rider to finish their treatment, he doodled a design that reflected how he sees our Foundation. He says he sees how help given to cancer patients can positively impact them as they heal and survive the disease. He is grateful for all who offer a helping hand to cancer patients in our communities.

Robert finished his doodle and as his rider came out of their treatment, he was sidetracked by the need to help. Robert never turned his form in as he left the center that day. It sat in the waiting room at Rocky Mountain Oncology, until another patient saw it and turned it in to a staff member.

After many beautiful and amazing designs were viewed, shared with the Foundation’s Board, and viewed again, Robert’s design was selected as the winner!

Thank you to everyone that participated, either by creating a design or sharing the information about the contest. We are touched by the support given by Wyomingites.

And, to Robert, thank you for your beautiful doodle. It was meant to be.

We hope all will consider purchasing a t-shirt to showcase your support of our Foundation and empower us to continue helping cancer patients along their journey.

View and purchase this unique t-shirt here.